Saarwellingen as Location

Saarwellingen is a municipality in the district of Saarlouis that is made up of three localities with a total of 14 000 inhabitants. Surrounded by meadows and woodland, with a well-developed network of trails, Saarwellingen offers a wide choice of recreational activities above all for hikers and cyclists. The recently renovated open-air swimming pool with its stock of old trees, which in the summertime is a regular venue for events, is a meeting place for young and old alike. Guests will find accommodation in a number of hotels and private guest houses, which they can use as a starting point for trips to local places of interest. Nearly fifty gastronomic establishments provide a culinary spectrum ranging from a doner kebab on the street corner to a French menu in elegant surroundings.

One of the remarkable things about Saarwellingen is its varied cultural programs, sponsored by the community and the social associations: concerts, exhibitions, theatre performances, readings, cabaret and revues. Over the past few years, Saarwellingen has developed to a meeting place for the jazz scene: monthly jam sessions, regular jazz concerts at the "Kulturtreff Altes Rathaus" and the Saarwellingen "Jazz Weeks" following carnival provide a concentration of events in the field of jazz that is unmatched by any other municipality in the Saarlouis district.

Concerts, Workshops and accommodation in Saarwellingen

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