Jazz Workshop

At the heart of the International Jazz-Werkstatt is the Jazz Workshop. Taught by renowned musicians, participants of all ages and abilities will acquire, expand and improve their skills in (jazz-oriented) musical improvisation together.

International Jazzwerkstatt 2019: Masterclasses with Gilad Atzmon Masterclasses with Randolph Matthews

The workshop day will start out with the "master classes" for all participants, followed by singing and instrumental lessons. In the afternoon, students and teachers focus on combo lessons. The vocalists among the participants may choose between being part of a combo or working with individual songs in a "vocal combo". In the evening, the teachers give a concert and then close the day with joint music sessions of students and teachers. On the last day of the event, students will perform in front of a larger audience.

International Jazzwerkstatt 2019: Masterclasses Participants Johannes Müller explains an exercise for his team Masterclasses with Jim Hart

In addition to the musical instrument training, participants will play together in ensembles or sessions and: practice listening. Participants who want to learn about harmonies will also have the opportunity to master the most important fundamental principles of harmony in jazz music.