Concerts (further informations coming soon...)


In the town the air is swinging, from the rehearsal rooms resound daytime strange sounds and brilliant runs, everywhere you hear - usually in "Denglisch" - jargon about jazz. And almost every night there is a top-class concert in the rustic ambience of the old workshop hall in Campus Nobel, where the matches of the day will be continued in public. The series of events are started traditionally with an absolute highlight - the opening concert. In small ensembles, the lecturers present themselves to the audience and the workshop participants.

For the first time the event was 2017 supported by HK Audio, which provides the sound reinforcement. On many stages of the world, the HK Audio brand's loudspeakers provide outstanding sound. What many would not expect: Behind the well-known brand is the Saarland Stamer Group with about 200 employees, a majority of the products are manufactured in St. Wendel. What was closer than to an international festival in Saarland with a Saarland company to cooperate. HK Audio is well-known for providing the simplest way to get the best sound - which is a huge advantage for the Campus Nobel "old factory hall", whose sound is a challenge. The hall itself has some new improvements - come by and look at it - there are many opportunities in this week.